Mick Foley Scraps Plans For One Last Match

No ‘one last match’ for Mick Foley

Hardcore legend Mick Foley spoke of his desire to come back for one last match, but it seems that won’t be happening.

The former WWE Champion had revealed that he wanted to celebrate his sixtieth birthday by dusting his boots off, but in an update on his personal YouTube channel, Foley revealed the bad news:

"Hey everyone, it’s Mick Foley with an update on that final match that I was thinking about having for my sixtieth birthday. As some of you know, I had to miss a couple weekends of appearances because of dizziness and lightheadedness. After consulting with a couple of doctors and also using my own experience with concussions, the symptoms… they seem to point to a concussion that I did not even know I received. I hadn’t done too much in the ring, but I had done a little bit. I had noticed that I was lightheaded after one of the workouts but thought it would go away. So it just seems like the wisest move and one that’s strongly supported by my family is to call off that final match. If I can get concussed from something I’m not even aware, then some of the things that I was thinking of doing, hoping of doing in a big match would not be smart. So with my family’s urging, and after careful thought, I’ve decided there will be no final match," Foley said.

Foley last wrestled in the 2012 WWE Royal Rumble, with his last singles outing coming in TNA in 2010 against Ric Flair.

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