Mick Foley: Vince McMahon Is Prone To Whim & It May Be Hurting The WWE Product

McMahon is known for his impulsive decision-making

Mick Foley believes Vince McMahon's knack for making impulsive decisions could be hurting the WWE product.

Foley has been critical of WWE in the past week, saying he does not believe the promotion is now the place that young, aspiring wrestler look to reach, because of how they tinker with and treat developing talent.

With McMahon notably looking for a certain type of performer, the Hardcore Legend feels the Chairman's declarations can lead to performers losing their individuality, which in turn damages the product.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Foley said: "Vince is one of the wisest men I’ve ever met, but he’s prone to whim. One day you’ll hear ‘I don’t want long hair anymore.’ Then you’ve got a roster almost full of guys with short hair, which makes it much tougher to sell. Or ‘I want to see trunks!’ So now everybody’s got trunks. 

"‘Dammit, if somebody is punching you, put your arms up and protect yourself!’ So now every single person, as soon as punches come, they’ve got to hold both their arms up. That’s not the way everyone defends themselves first of all. There’s got to be a different way. I certainly sold punches in a different way that guys on the roster do.

"But when you’re seeing the same reactions up and down the card because people have been given an ultimatum down the line, I just think it hurts the individuality of the product.

"And then when you get a guy like Adam Cole, who’s really found a groove, who’s been, to me, the NXT MVP. And he has a decision to make and he decides WWE’s not the place where his dreams are likely to come true. Again, going back to the theme of ‘WWE, we have a problem’, we do have a problem."

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