Mickie James Doesn't Plan To Wrestle At NWA All-Women's PPV

As part of a refocused push to expand it’s women’s division, the NWA recently announced the signing of Mickie James, with James and NWA President Billy Corgan announcing the first ever all women’s PPV in NWA history will take place soon on August 28, titled NWA Empowerrr.

James is signed on as an executive producer for the event, but any fans hoping to see Mickie lace up her boots and be involved in a match have been told not to hold their breath.

James made the following comments during the NWA Powerrr post-show, saying the following:

“I love a bit of gold, I don’t know if you’ve seen all the sparkles. I enjoy all the bedazzles, accessories. I could use an extra 10 pounds. I know people are probably wondering if I’m actually going to wrestle on my show. I don’t have intentions of wrestling on my show. I’m not in here to go into business for myself and just wrestle all my favourite people on my own show. That doesn’t make sense, plus how can I run a show if I’m in the ring? But there perhaps might be a chance to do something on the NWA [73rd Anniversary] show in that aspect.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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