Mickie James Pushes For Change In Mindset Towards Women's Ages

James was responding on Twitter to Taya Valkyrie

Mickie James has called out a double standard in the professional wrestling industry by suggesting that female wrestlers are expected to retire by 35, but their male counterparts are 'glorified' for continuing into their 50s. 

The former five-time WWE Women's Champion was commenting in response to a post on social media by new WWE recruit Taya Valkyrie, who disagreed with the need to bring age into conversations about wrestlers. 

James wrote on Twitter: "In this industry, once you hit 35, it’s perceived you should start wrapping it up and retire as a women. Even though your just hitting you stride. At 40 “retire already”. Even though the men are champs well into there 50s and glorified for it. Sad but true.

"With age comes a strength and wisdom that you can’t teach. I feel more powerful & sexy than I ever have. Yet it is only this way because this is the narrative we’ve accepted to be ok. We’ve pushed this mindset & it’s damn time we changed it. Times have changed. And so have we!"

James participated in the Women's Royal Rumble back in January but her last singles match in WWE came last September, in a defeat to Zelina Vega.

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