Mickie James: Why IMPACT Knockouts Title Win Means So Much

“It felt good to win again and to remind myself that I can win”

As seen at last weekend’s IMPACT Bound For Glory, Mickie James defeated Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Title, the first major title James had held since her last Knockouts Title run in 2013.

Since her win, James took to Busted Open Radio, exclaiming for much this win means to her:

“It feels so good. Honestly, I didn't think it would matter as much to me as it did in a sense because I have been a champion several times and I've had such a tenured career,” started James “We always go, 'God, I don't need the championship. I've done so much.' There was nothing sweeter than winning the championship. I hadn't won a championship in eight years. My last championship was the one that I lost in IMPACT against ODB. When I think about that I go, 'Wow, that's a long time.' I've done a lot, but not really for me. It was a great moment, it was powerful, and it felt good.”

Since that last Knockouts Title win eight years ago, James’ career has seen her go from WWE, to the NWA, and back to IMPACT, and the journey is a reason why this win meant so much to her:

"It was so special. In these last eight years, I've done some cool stuff, but for the most part it was for everybody else,” continued Mickie “I didn't really do anything for myself. That was a choice and I was so happy to be back where I was and I thought that would happen for me and I would get to do whatever. There are so much more layers to it now. I leave and then how I left and all the things I did like EmPowerrr, being the head of EmPowerrr and that was really cool. To come back and have a chance at the championship again. It was a real chance to have a shot at the championship. Saturday was beautiful. The people were behind me and to have that real love behind me and for them to be on fire and to have a 'this is awesome' chant. Deonna is one of the best wrestlers I've ever been in the ring with. Not just of today, legit ever. She's incredible.

“I knew I was going to be up for a fight and I think that's been a major question from the audience, from whoever. 'Yes, she's amazing and a legend, but can she really hang with someone like Deonna?' The answer is, yes, I can hang with someone like Deonna because there wouldn't be a Deonna without Mickie James, that's the reality. Not just me. I can still go, I never stopped going, what happened was I became less selfish and started doing more for other people than for myself. This one wasn't a selfish move, but it felt good to win again and to remind myself that I can win and it's okay to be awesome and I don't have to apologise for it.”

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