MJF Calls Back To CM Punk ROH Promo On AEW Dynamite

Could the Summer of MJF be around the corner?

After a career promo from MJF on the  February 23 edition of AEW: Dynamite, we all wondered what would happen between MJF and CM Punk before their Dog Collar match at Revolution.

Punk was sombre in the ring, pondering if what MJF said the previous week was true, whilst acknowledging that he has done terrible things in his past, such as pouring alcohol down an alcoholic’s throat (Raven in ROH) throwing the ashes of a deceased manager on to a wrestler (The Undertaker and Paul Bearer) and mocking a wrestler’s addiction until he lost his job (Jeff Hardy).

Punk and MJF ended up sharing an awkward hug, before MJF kicked Punk in his junk, and revealed a t-shirt with the pic of a young MJF meeting CM Punk emblazoned upon it. MJF then punched Punk with the dynamite diamond ring, busting Punk wide open. MJF then took the mic and said “You stupid, stupid old man. I’m a snake. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he doesn’t exist, and this Sunday at Revolution, I’m going to show you and all these mindless sheep that I am the Devil himself.”

MJF’s promo paraphrased one of CM Punk’s most infamous promos in ROH, with Punk telling the Ring of Honor audience the same thing when he won the World Title and kicked off the Summer of Punk.

With Tony Khan buying Ring of Honor this week, it remains to be seen what other classic ROH moments AEW will reference.

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