MJF Reveals AEW Security Tried To Break Down His Hotel Room Door Over Double Or Nothing Weekend

MJF talks about the AEW Double or Nothing incident.

AEW star MJF recently took part in an interview with Sam Roberts, and discussed the Double or Nothing situation earlier this year. Prior to the pay-per-view, MJF was reported to have no-shown a meet-and-greet, with a view to possibly walking out of the company. Instead, he showed up at the event and decisively lost to Wardlow, but stories about him feeling greatly undervalued by Tony Khan and AEW persisted. MJF explained:

"My company lost $10,000 that day, and I say my company because they are employing me (for the time being.) I did not go because my boss, at that time, was being a f***ing mark. If you don't want to pay me what I'm worth, daddy does not show up to work. Daddy got the money; daddy is back. Now me and Tony Khan are best friends. Tony Khan, great guy. When I stayed in said hotel room, they did a wellness check on me and the AEW security [...] tried to break my door down. At the time, I had already left. [...] That was everybody's fear. 'Is this MJF's Brian Pillman moment?' No, it was MJF trying to make what MJF deserves to be making. I have understood that there are some people who were really let down or offended. What I say to you is: I don't care, get over it. I'm happy now. If you're a fan of me, you should be happy too because [...] I was rich before, but now I'm so rich I don't even know what to do. If you want the fans to see me and experience me on any level, pay me what I'm worth. He did, and we're cool."

MJF was also asked if he bought a plane ticket with an aim to leave Las Vegas before Double or Nothing, but did not give an answer either way, stating: "I will not comment on the plane. I cannot confirm or deny whether or not a plane ticket was bought."

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