MJF Unveils Custom AEW World Title On Dynamite

A new AEW World Championship for MJF

For the first time in the championship's history, there is a new AEW World Title with MJF unveiling a custom edition of the belt on this week's episode of Dynamite. 

Appearing on TV for the first time since his AEW World Title win at Full Gear, MJF claimed the championship was tacky, lacked class, and reminded him of the past champions. He dumped the belt outside of the ring before he and William Regal revealed the new Triple B version of the championship. That title has a Burberry design and is known as the Big Burberry Belt. 

MJF then turned his attention to William Regal, explaining they met in secret on several occasions after The Firm turned on Friedman. MJF suddenly walked behind Regal, though, and decked the former Intercontinental Champion from behind with a brutal punch. Friedman then berated Regal, saying he should have never made a deal with the devil as Regal lay motionless.

The wrestling legend was taken out of the ring on a stretcher and was later shown being taken away in an ambulance with Bryan Danielson at his side. 

The angle comes at a time when there is much speculation about William Regal's future with AEW, with some suggesting he could be on his way back to WWE and Dynamite was just a way to write him out of the company. 

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