Molly Holly Tries To Bring The Casual Fan Perspective To WWE

Molly Holly puts herself in the casual fans’ shoes in her role as a WWE Producer

Molly Holly is enjoying a renewed career in wrestling, with the former WWE Women’s Champion having rejoined WWE as a backstage producer in 2022.

As for her approach as a producer, Molly revealed on a Highspots Sign it Live session that she puts herself in the position of the casual fan when helping put together matches, saying:

"I am what's called a producer, back in the day they called them an agent. It's an honour for me because Dean Malenko was a mentor to me and he was an agent for so many years, and Fit Finlay, who I love, and to be in the same role that they were for me is really special to be able to help the young talent be encouraged on a rough day or to help them just have the best role possible."

Molly continued: "I do look at it like I'm the eyes of the casual fan. I'm the person who flips through every now and again to watch. Whenever I'm helping with the show, I try to say, 'Okay, we don't want to just cater to the pocket of people who are superfans and devote every week. If someone is flipping through the channels, maybe for the first time, we want to capture their attention and make them lifelong fans if it's their first time seeing the show. That's something I think I bring from the casual fan perspective.”

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