Moose: Wrestlers Choose IMPACT Over WWE & AEW Because Of The Creative Freedom

Moose re-signed with IMPACT earlier this year

Moose believes wrestling talent chooses to sign for IMPACT Wrestling over WWE or AEW because of the creative freedom afforded to them.

The IMPACT World Champion reportedly signed a new, two-year deal with the promotion back in June amid reports that WWE were interested in him.

WWE in particular has a reputation for mandating their talent stick to scripts written for them by the creative team, and Moose feels the freedom to be original in IMPACT is a huge reason why performers are choosing to join the promotion.

Speaking to Metro, Moose said: "I think that’s one of the reasons why a lot of guys choose to come to Impact over AEW or going to WWE – the freedom that you have to create. I’ve heard that in other companies, that’s not the case at all. You don’t really have freedom at all, it’s up to the writers to decide.”

“If you pitch an idea and generally, if that idea’s good, [Impact Executive Vice President] Scott D’Amore’s obviously not gonna turn it down as long as it’s not gonna get you or the company cancelled.”

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