More Details About WWE 2kK22 'MyFaction' Mode Reportedly Emerge

The game is set to launch in March 2022

More details about how the 'MyFaction' Mode in WWE 2K22 have reportedly become apparent. 

'MyFaction' Mode was confirmed as one of the new elements in 2K's latest WWE-related release last month, with the game set to hit shelves in March 2022 after going a significant overhaul.

According to a new video by Smacktalks, further details about how the mode will operate have emerged, with 2K developers reportedly confirming in a press call that the feature will be a single-player, offline mode.

In 'MyFaction' Mode, players will be able to select the number of wrestlers they want and form a new faction, which in turn will help level up the wrestlers and progress in-game modes and challenges.

There was also an update on in-game micro transactions, with 2K confirming that Virtual Currency purchases would not give any type of competitive advantage or players in a play-to-win situation. Instead, the currency will be available for purchase with MyFaction points, which will be earned by simply playing the mode.

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