WWE Names Bron Breakker "The Big Bad Booty Nephew”

Don’t call him Steiner though, oh no

In the latest chapter of ‘will WWE acknowledge that Bron Breakker is a Steiner’, it seems as though Breakker could be known as ‘The Big Bad Booty Nephew’ in WWE.

A homage to uncle Scott Steiner aka ‘The big Bad Booty Daddy’, Breakker was given his new moniker on last night’s episode of NXT 2.0, with Johnny Gargano uttering the new nickname in Bron’s direction.

Breakker went on to mimic Scott Steiner’s biceps pose later in the night, as fans the World over will WWE into officially acknowledging Breakker as part of the Steiner family, with ‘Big Bad Booty Nephew’ trending on Twitter during NXT’s broadcast, with the official WWE NXT Twitter account using the moniker when talking about Breakker.

It’s not known if this will be Breakker’s nickname going forward, or just a one night deal, but it’s an open secret on TV now that Breakker is related to The Steiner Brothers, with Tomasso Ciamapa recently referencing the infamous ‘Steiner Math’ promo during an in-ring segment with Breakker.

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