More Promotions Issue Statements On Abuse Allegations In British Professional Wrestling

Brave men and women have been sharing their stories in the last 5 days...

Over the past five days, brave men and women have shared their stories of surviving abuse in the British professional wrestling scene and beyond through #SpeakingOut

British promotion PROGRESS Wrestling has already introduced changes as Glen Robinson, Matt Richards and Jon Briley have all stepped away from the company. The promotion will be led by Vicky Haskins, Michael Oku, James Amner and Lucy Cave going forward. 

Other British promotions have issued statements in recent days, including Liverpool based TNT Extreme Wrestling, Newcastle upon Tyne's NORTH Wrestling, Wolverhampton's Fight Club: PRO, and RevPro. Each have promised to take every step necessary to create a safe and inclusive environment at their shows. 

Fight Club: PRO wrote: "We understand that some of you have lost faith in FCP. However, we are taking every matter and case incredibly seriously. The safety of the fans, staff and wrestlers is paramount. 

"No live show or wrestling training will commence until every aspect of safety is addressed with the relevant authorities and implemented.  

"We will do whatever is needed to provide the safest environment for you."

NORTH Wrestling penned: "Continuing our previous statements, we want to reiterate how proud and amazed by the strength of all the individuals coming forward with their stories of abuse and mistreatment.

"Any of the accused who worked with NORTH Wrestling - as a sponsor, member of staff or member of the roster - will NOT work with us again, and won't be welcome to future shows. We have a zero tolerance policy. 

"The whole industry has let down many people, and we unreservedly apologise for the part we have played in allowing these people into a place we championed as safe and inclusive.

"We will be taking this current hiatus to listen to victims, and be lead by those affected. We will continue our zero tolerance policy. We will be fully auditing NORTH Wrestling’s current practices and safeguarding and questioning how we have failed."

TNT Extreme Wrestling issued the following statement: "TNT Extreme Wrestling are dedicated to producing the highest quality shows possible. This includes ensnaring the safety of our workers and our fans outside of, and at our shows. 

"We take every story that has come to light extremely seriously and thank all those that have come forward for their bravery.

"We've always strived to create a safe space for all at our shows and we will continue to do so.

"As such at this time we are conducting a full roster review. 

"Also in the coming days and weeks we will be talking to professionals and workers alike to create a full and official Code of Conduct to be implemented with immediate effect.

"We have always had a Zero Tolerance policy in place, but now more than ever, we need to take the next step to make sure everyone feels safe and welcome at a TNT show. 


RevPro wrote: "Firstly, we would like to emphatically give our support to those who have bravely shared their stories and encourage anyone who has further information of which they feel comfortable to share, to come forward to help safeguard those in and around the industry going forwards.

"We are aware that many people fear and may have even been advised that they would receive negative repercussions in regard to their careers for speaking their truth. So right now we want to make it clear by confidently and publicly stating that no matter what, should anyone have ANY issues, however big or small, they should feel comfortable that they can talk to us and it will be categorically not be held against them. It seems ridiculous even having to say this, but the reality is the last couple of days have shown there is clearly a deep rooted problem and this ‘secret boys club’ mentality has to stop.

"As an industry, promoters and management need to be doing more to privately share information with each other, to ensure that patterns of behaviour are recognised, issues are identified early and are dealt with decisively to stop the further spread.

"As a company we have began a process to reach out and consult with victims, experts and members of our roster in order to put in place best practice safeguarding procedures. Should anyone wish to contact us to give their thoughts and experiences, we have an open door policy and are always willing to learn.

"To ensure a comfortable environment, we have both male and female management available should anyone wish to talk to us or raise an issue. Furthermore, we will actively ensure that those coming through out training systems are taught the dangers of the business and correct protocol should anything happen. The first step is awareness.

"Let's try and turn a negative into a positive and make sure these brave men and women who have come forward and bared their deepest thoughts haven't put themselves through this for nothing. We now have an opportunity to be on the right side of history and to eradicate this horrible culture from a business that is supposed to provide an escape for so many."

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