PROGRESS Wrestling Announce Leadership Changes

A new team will lead the British promotion...

Over the past five days, brave men and women have shared their stories of surviving abuse in the British professional wrestling scene and beyond through #SpeakingOut. 

Numerous allegations have emerged against wrestlers previously involved in PROGRESS Wrestling, including David Starr, Jordan Devlin, Scotty Davis, Ligero, Marc Parry, and Travis Banks. The promotion severed ties with these performers over the weekend

PROGRESS has now announced major leadership changes as Glen Robinson, Matt Richards and Jon Briley have all stepped away from the company. The promotion will be led by Vicky Haskins, Michael Oku, James Amner and Lucy Cave going forward. 

PROGRESS released the following statement: 

"When it comes to PROGRESS, huge change is needed, and huge change has begun.

Therefore, we would like to introduce the new management team:

James Amner possesses a wealth of experience in artist and event management, in both sports and music. He has been involved in wrestling for over five years and has previously been responsible for PROGRESS events internationally. He will now be overseeing PROGRESS and all of its activities.

Vicky Haskins, whose 16-year career in wrestling includes working in PR, with media, as an interviewer, valet/manager, in merchandising, ring announcing and as backstage liaison, will be joining the new management team.

Michael Oku, one of the brightest future stars, both in and out of the ring, is part of the new team to make sure that a platform to perform is there for all talent.

Lucy Cave will be assisting with this new set up.

Our media team and event production team remain the same.

Glen Robinson and Matt Richards will be stepping away from PROGRESS.

Jon Briley is dealing with a major health issue and, as a result, will also be stepping back.

There won't be a show for a while, but we will be taking this time to ensure that PROGRESS is a safe space for talent and fans alike. Our priority is to make the wrestling industry the best that it can possibly be.

PROGRESS will not tolerate:
Discriminative behaviour 
Verbal abuse
Sexual abuse
Domestic abuse
Emotional abuse 
Grooming of an adolescent 
Cyber bullying/bullying 
Online abuse 
Psychological abuse 
Financial/material abuse 
Abuse of power 
Physical abuse 
Economic abuse 
Using privilege 
Intimidation Threats 
Shame dumping 

Or any behaviours that put performers, production or fans at risk.

It's very early days for us, as you would imagine, and while we won't have all the answers straight away, we will be asking the right questions. We welcome your input, too.

James Amner: "I want a safe space for wrestlers to compete in, and to be safe backstage and travelling to and from events. I want crew to be protected at all times. I want fans to be able to enjoy themselves with only good people around them. People will be on hand to talk to, always."

Vicky Haskins: "It's obvious from recent events that the wrestling industry isn't as safe a place as we thought it was. I've been in the business sixteen years, working in a number of roles whether it be as a performer or backstage, and have experienced some of the inexcusable behaviour that has come to light recently. Quite simply, that will not be tolerated. We need to implement structure, we need to prioritise safety of our fans, performers and staff. It's of the upmost importance that we provide not only the finest entertainment, but a welcoming environment that is safe for everybody who comes through our doors - fans and wrestlers alike. I'm looking forward to working at PROGRESS, helping in whatever way I can to shape this industry for the better."

Michael Oku: "Our industry needs a deep clean - from top to bottom. Before it's legal and ethical to run shows in this country again, I want to make sure that major promotions, in this case PROGRESS, have done everything possible to ensure that a safer and fairer environment for all has been created."

Lucy Cave: "With the trauma that has transpired in Independent Wrestling, nearly all of the brave people that have come forward have asked for a safe place to return. We want to do everything in our power to make sure this is a reality, learning from failings in the past."

We look forward to the future

Vicky, Michael, James and Lucy."

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