Mr Blobby Makes Pro Wrestling Return At Riot Cabaret Jingle Bell Brawl

Mr Blobby back in action at Riot Cabaret Pro Wrestling

A momentous return took place at Riot Cabaret Pro Wrestling's Jingle Bell Brawl event on Tuesday, December 19 as Mr Blobby looked to capture the Riot Cabaret Tag Team Championships.

Charles Crowley and Session Moth Martina put the belts on the line against Blobby and his mystery partner Eddie Dennis, who recently came out of retirement after leaving WWE. Blobby was immediately conflicted, though, as after grinding on Session Moth Martina, the tag team champion whipped out some mistletoe and tried to draw Blobby in for a kiss. The seven-foot monster wasn't having any of it, however, and he tagged in Eddie Dennis to escape Martina's advances. 

At some point, a steel chair was introduced and Blobby ended up taking everybody out with the weapon, losing the match in the process. Spike Trivet then attacked everyone, at which point Charles Crowley and Session Moth Martina began to help Blobby and they worked together to put the PROGRESS World Champion through a table with a brutal Crossbody from Mr Blobby

The show later came to an end in happy circumstances and all of the wrestlers, including Mr Blobby, danced in the ring as 'Merry Christmas Everybody' by Slade filled the Clapham Junction. 

December 19 wasn't Mr Blobby's first pro wrestling match of 2023 and he actually entered Riot Cabaret Pro Wrestling's 90s Rumble in January. He hit some brutal short-arm lariats before eliminating himself. The 90s icon made his pro wrestling debut in August 2022 at the Gloworm Festival. 

For those unfamiliar with Blobby, the giant monster became popular in the 1990s following appearances with Noel Edmonds on 'Noel's House Party'. Blobby was so popular that he actually has a UK Christmas #1 to his name through 1993's 'Mr Blobby.' He remains popular to this day and can often be spotted on various TV shows walking around and bumping into things while shouting "Blobby Blobby Blobby!"

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