Nick Aldis On Jim Cornette's Departure From NWA

The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion recently appeared on the IN THE ROOM podcast...

Nick Aldis is set to defend his NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against James Storm at the Into The Fire pay-per-view on December 14th.

Ahead of his title defence, Aldis appeared on the IN THE ROOM podcast and discussed a number of topics, including rebuilding the National Wrestling Alliance, and distributing Powerrr on YouTube.

The National Treasure also discussed Jim Cornette's departure. While commentating on an episode of Powerrr, Cornette made a racist remark during a non-title match between Aldis and Trevor Murdoch. Following the remark, Cornette resigned from the NWA, claiming his job "wasn't fun anymore." 

When asked about Cornette's departure, Aldis talked about how he believed Cornette was more opinionated than he should have been on commentary. The Worlds Champion worried this would negatively affect the product as it could turn potential viewers away from watching NWA. He also took issue with how Cornette's comment detracted from that particular episode of Powerrr, as it was all anybody was talking about.

Aldis said: "I’ll be real. My take on it was that his podcast persona, for lack of a better term, was bleeding into and influencing our show and our audience. That was a problem. I am more than happy for anyone in our audience to have an opinion on anything. What I don’t want, and again this is just me, is so early on in [our growth] to very quickly establish that we are this opinionated promotion with opinionated fans. This is not about Jim’s fans, or AEW fans, or WWE fans. I’m personally really over this divisive culture that we’re in now. There’s more information and opinion available than ever, so people should be more open to opposing views or new information. Instead, we sort of live in the opposite. Everyone is emboldened because they live in echo chambers on social media where you choose to follow people who agree with you and vice versa, and so then you're so emboldened by all these people going ‘you’re right, F everybody else.’[…] If something is stupid I’ll say it’s stupid, and many times I agreed with Jim on many of his takes on some of the other stuff in the business. We didn’t want the show and the talent to be constantly overshadowed by a controversial commentator […] Here’s the problem that I’m seeing; that episode had Trevor Murdoch completely stepping into the light after several years of being away from the spotlight. It was Trevor Murdoch’s coming out party so to speak […] and then it’s Melina’s debut, but none of that mattered and no one remembered it because everyone was talking about something else which was totally unnecessary […] I want the NWA to be trending for the right reasons."

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