Nick Aldis Reportedly Turns Down AEW Offer

So says the NWA World Champion…

Nick Aldis, two-time (and reigning) NWA World Heavyweight champion, has recently revealed that he received an offer from All Elite Wrestling, and subsequently turned it down.

Aldis admits that he wanted to work with AEW, but that he also wanted to continue wrestling for the NWA, and that led to an impasse.

Said Aldis, "I wasn’t prepared to walk away from the two years of work I’ve done with the NWA. And that was that. I left it open with, ‘If you can find a way to keep doing this and do your show, I’ll do your show.’ They essentially wanted to offer me a contract and have me walk away from what I’m doing here and I said that doesn’t make any sense to me. Really, there’s no reason to. It’s just a hangover from the way things have always been done. Obviously, we hear this ‘Change the World’ phrase a lot, but that was my pitch to them. ‘If you really want to change the world, why can’t we do that?’”

While Aldis wasn't interested in the offer as it was presented to him, he adds that he's still on "very good terms" with Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks.

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