Nick Dinsmore: Why The Eugene Character Worked So Well In WWE

The secret of the success was in the writing...

Former WWE superstar Nick Dinsmore has credited former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz for his help in getting his Eugene character. 

Dinsmore debuted as 'Eugene' in 2004 and enjoyed popularity with WWE fans as he feuded with the likes of Triple H, Evolution, Eric Bischoff, Jonathan Coachman and Kurt Angle. 

Alongside William Regal, 'Eugene' enjoyed a run as a WWE World Tag Team champion and competed for the World Heavyweight Championship on Monday Night Raw, with his character replicating the moves of his favourite superstars. 

Dinsmore said the enjoyment Gewirtz got from helping to create the character was the primary reason 'Eugene' did so well in WWE. 

The 45-year-old revealed that Gewirtz even want to cast him in a movie he was writing, a role that eventually went to fellow WWE superstar The Big Show. 

Speaking on The Talk Is Jericho Podcast, Dinsmore said: “I think one of the reasons that Eugene did so well is because Brian Gewirtz could write for me, and he liked it. And he took that time off, and he wrote this big script. And he comes to me, and he goes, ‘We’re going to make a movie. We’re going to put you in a movie.’ I’m like, ‘Holy cow!’ He’s telling me about all this capers that are going to go on about Eugene trying to get in the wrestling business.

“He said, ‘At one point we’re going to have you wrestle a bear.’ A bear? We’ll just put a man in a suit? ‘We’re gonna get one of them Hollywood bears,’ and the only bear at the time was the one that was in ‘Semi-Pro’. And he end up killing his trainer. So maybe it’s a good thing. 

"The movie didn’t work out, but they slipped Big Show in that role, ‘Knucklehead’. I believe so. Everything I’ve seen is the stuff that they told me was going to be in the movie.”

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