Nigel McGuinness Recalls Portraying Fake Kane At Butlin’s Wrestling Show

Nigel McGuinness was once a ‘fake’ Kane at Butlin’s

For UK wrestling fans of a certain vintage, the image of local wrestling posters featuring fake Kanes, Undertakers, and other Attitude Era stars will be burned into their memory.

For one name in the wrestling industry, the image conjures up memories of bad times, as former Ring of Honor World Champion Nigel McGuinness revealed to Metro that he once portrayed one of these fake Kanes:

“I used to do Butlin's camps. Every now and again to spice it up, they'd want us to do parody wrestlers. So there was one time I got to the venue and they gave me a Kane mask, the whole gear. I had to go out and wrestle as Kane for 15, 20 minutes – with a bad back as well! It was just absolutely the lowest point of my career, at that point at least,” McGuinness said.

Butlin’s holiday camps were a staple of British summer life in the 20th century, but the rise of affordable flights and international holidays in the latter part of the century drastically reduced their popularity. Still, fake Kane! Legend.

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