NJPW's David Finlay To Consider His Options

Fit Finlay says his son is thinking about moving on from NJPW

New Japan Pro Wrestling's David Finlay is considering his future and what he potentially wants to do next in wrestling, according to father Fit. 

Finlay, contracted to NJPW, has also cropped up in IMPACT Wrestling in recent months and won the Tag Team Championships alongside Juice Robinson in the American promotion. 

His father, Fit Finlay, however, has confirmed that his son is currently quarantining in Japan after being close to coronavirus and is considering his future options in professional wrestling, whether that's remaining in NJPW or trying a different promotion. 

Speaking on Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw, Finlay said:

"He’s [David Finlay] in Japan right now. So I guess Japan have had an outbreak of COVID and so they started cancelling shows. He [works] for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. They started having an outbreak. A lot of the talent got COVID so they were sending them home. They went to the airport yesterday and almost all of them were tested positive for COVID so they were sent back.

"They were gonna go to [a] government hotel but then they made a deal and they put them in the dojo so, my son David and Jay White are in the dojo, quarantined there for another ten days or so which is ridiculous so, the COVID has just — the whole world had just put everything on standstill for a little bit and we’ll get over it but, he’s doing well there.

"I don’t know how New Japan are going to handle this new outbreak or — I don’t know, no one does. But, he’s a little bit confused at the minute as what to do next, you know? Is he going to stay in Japan, does he want to try here, like WWE or whatever. But him and I are gonna sit down when he does eventually come home and try and figure it out but he just needs a little bit of wisdom put in his head. Not that I have any."

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