No Heat Between CM Punk & QT Marshall Despite AEW Collision Ban

AEW Collision ban did not cause heat between QT Marshall & CM Punk

Much was said about CM Punk’s time as the de facto backstage leader of AEW Collision, with the mercurial former AEW World Champion having ‘banned’ several prominent AEW names from the show.

Whilst names such as The Young Bucks being banned offered little surprise, the fact that key AEW personnel like Christopher Daniels and QT Marshall were not allowed backstage raised eyebrows. Now both Punk and Marshall are out of AEW, and a report from SEScoops states that whilst there is more to the story of Punk banning Marshall from Collision, the two spoke and have no heat.

Marshall is very close to Punk’s new WWE colleague Cody Rhodes, with reports suggesting that Marshall was hoping he could land an in-ring run in WWE.

QT’s AEW exit will be finalised at the end of 2023, with Marshall reportedly eyeing more in-ring time than what he was getting in AEW. In AEW, Marshall was a key backstage figure, working as a producer/coach, whilst at one time acting as one of Tony Khan’s closest confidantes in the company.

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