'No Show Goes For Ten Straight Years Without Having Ebb & Flow' - Triple H Comments on The Current State Of WWE NXT

The Game was answering a question about a decline in NXT's quality...

Triple H says he is very happy with where NXT is at as a wrestling brand in 2021, but admits that no show can go a decade without having ebb and flow.

Having offered NXT TakeOver events for almost seven years, NXT has undergone changes to its own parameters in recent years, switching from an online-only production to having its own live, weekly, two-hour television show.

Once seen as WWE's developmental territory, NXT holds its own as a third brand, offering something different to Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

Responding to a question about criticisms of NXT and a perceived dip in quality, NXT Executive Producer Triple H feels it is natural for shows to have their up and downs, but still believes the black-and-gold brand's roster is the best in the world.

Speaking on the media call following NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Triple H said: "I think you're always looking for a spark. I think you're coming out of COVID with certain storylines and the ebb and flow of where you're going. Look, everybody has their opinion and they're entitled to those opinions.

"I'm happy with the product. I think talent are working very hard. I think the spark comes -- no show goes for ten straight years without having ebb and flow. No show goes through periods of time where things are, 'hey, this is pretty good,' and then certain periods of time where things are off the charts. That's just how it is. You're constantly looking for the thing that gets you to the place and connects. Sometimes you got to reboot, sometimes you're just telling a longer-term story.

"Every single day in this business, it's a work in progress and you can look at moments in time of the business where people's hindsight was 20/20 and their remembrance of it was much greater than what it was. There's always that ebb and flow. Always.

"Everybody is welcome to have their opinion. I'm happy with where we are. I'm happy with the talent pool we have and where they're going to take us. It's a group of incredibly talented people. I'll put that out against anything. I think we have one of the greatest rosters in the world across the board. Every day's a challenge to get to the next one."

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