'The Time Is Now' - Bobby Lashley Calls Out Brock Lesnar For WWE Championship Match

Lashley still wants a match with The Beast

Bobby Lashley says 'the time is now' for Brock Lesnar to come back to WWE and challenge him for the WWE Championship.

Speculation about a match between Lashley and Lesnar has persisted since Lashley's return to WWE, and has been amped up since The All Mighty won the WWE Title earlier this year.

With both men possessing MMA and UFC backgrounds, a match between the two would draw in a diverse audience, and Lashley is eager for Lesnar to step back into the WWE ring with him.

Speaking to Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Lashley said of Lesnar: "Any time he came back, it was to get the title, and every other champ he’s been in the ring with except me.

"So, if he ever wants the title back, instead of doing whatever he’s doing, the time is now, the math is right. It’s not like I’m running from him."

Recent reports from Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, however, suggest a Lashley and Lesnar match is not currently in the works for WWE.

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