NXT UK To Remain Unaffected Despite WWE Filing To Dissolve WWE UK Holdings LTD

WWE UK Holdings will be dissolved as of Tuesday

The creative director of NXT UK has assured fans that NXT UK will be unaffected by WWE's decision to dissolve WWE UK Holdings LTD.

Initially incorporated as a private limited company in the United Kingdom in July 2019, WWE have filed for WWE UK Holdings to be officially dissolved as of Tuesday 7 September 2021. The Strike-Off date for the company is listed as August 25 2021.

The change comes amid ongoing restructuring to WWE across the globe, with the promotion reportedly dissolving WWE Japan last week, while mass department merges have occurred across the company over the past few months. 

Despite the dissolving of WWE UK Holdings LTD, NXT UK Creative Director Jim Smallman says that the brand won't be affected by the changes. 

Responding to a fan on his Instagram, Smallman said: "I mean as I’m the creative director of NXT UK I can categorically tell you it’s not shutting down. WWE UK Holdings (which I presume you’re referring to) is nothing to do with NXT UK."

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