Original Names Suggested For The New Day By WWE Creative Revealed

The SmackDown Tag Team champions discussed it on their new podcast.

On last week's episode of the New Day's new podcast Feel The Power, they discussed how they were saddled with a preacher gimmick. Despite this, they were happy to be on TV again and to have the chance to improve upon the gimmick as time went on.

On the latest episode of their podcast, they discussed the names suggested to them by WWE creative. Kofi Kingston was actually exasperated while reading out the names, adding: "I can’t emphasise enough, these were three guys trying to make it and you’re trying to put us in a hole with these names."

All three members also explained they disliked some of the names because of their racial implications. Big E gave the example of The Tribe, which he described as: "racially insensitive."  When discussing The Million Man Ministry, Xavier Woods reiterated that it was not okay for WWE creative to suggest names with racial connotations to three black men. He said: "We are trying to do something that is crossing all types of racial barriers […] It’s a difference of when you’re asked to do something that’s racially charged. It's not even almost close to the same as deciding to do something that other people may see as racially charged."

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions did explain they created three names themselves, which included The New Day, and they were ultimately thankful WWE accepted their suggestions.

The full list of names can be read below:

  • The Beat,

  • The Tribe,

  • Perfect Harmony,

  • The Wonders,

  • The Miracles,

  • The Sensations,

  • The Temptations,

  • The Modern Marvels,

  • Vibe And Vision,

  • Harmony’s Three,

  • Trillogy,

  • Triverse,

  • K.B.X,

  • The House Of Light,

  • The Triumph,

  • The Beacon,

  • New City,

  • The Cause,

  • The Voice,

  • The Regulators,

  • The House Of Positive Energy (HOPE),

  • The House Of Purpose,

  • The Prime,

  • The Charge,

  • The Reach,

  • The Concept,

  • The Achievers,

  • The Sentinels,

  • Genesis,

  • Born Again,

  • Revelation,

  • Mason Of Salvation,

  • The Congregation,

  • The Advent,

  • The Trinity,

  • Crusaders,

  • Exodus,

  • Redeem,

  • The Almighty,

  • Modern Day Saints,

  • The Sainthood,

  • The A-Men,

  • Brothers Of Xavier,

  • X-Communication,

  • Saving Our Souls (SOS),

  • Million Man Ministry,

  • ResuWrecktion/ ResurreXtion,

  • Penance.

The three names suggested by Kingston, Woods, and Big E were:

  • By Any Means Necessary,

  • The New Way,

  • The New Day.

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