OVW Live Ends With Whipped Cream-Related Botch

Botch to end OVW Live!

Ohio Valley Wrestling's OVW Live weekly series ended with a whipped cream-related botch on Thursday night. 

The main event segment of the show featured EC3's championship coronation as OVW National Heavyweight Champion following The Overman's win against Jessie Godderz at Thanksgiving Thunder on November 21. 

The segment opened with EC3 flanked by his Overmen as he proclaimed he was the best product OVW ever produced, above John Cena, Randy Orton, and Batista. EC3 didn’t stop with the self-congratulating, though, and he next called himself the "greatest living professional wrestler alive", which prompted a loud cackle from one fan in attendance. 

From there, some celebratory "pie" was brought out for EC3 by Crystal White and Katie Gannon as the commentary team joked EC3 was allowed a "CHEAT day" every now and then. EC3 then made some strange noises and was about to say how horny he was, only to switch at the last second to hungry. 

Before the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion could enjoy his "two for one" special, however, he was interrupted by Tiffany Nieves and Leila Grey, who brought a cake to the ring for EC3. This left EC3 with a difficult choice but he managed to eventually select cake, at which point the actual pies were thrown in Nieves and Grey's faces. 

A mass brawl then ended OVW Live, with The Overmen and EC3 standing tall after he decked Shera and Cash Flow with the OVW National Heavyweight Title. 

That wasn't quite the end of the broadcast, though, as the commentators' microphones remained hot and they could be heard on the broadcast talking about how the pies consisted of shaving cream and not whipped cream, much to one of the announcer's delight as "whipped cream, no matter what, that sh*t f*cking stinks."

The post-show botch has since been edited out of OVW Live on YouTube but is available through the FITE TV version of the episode. 

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