Pat McAfee: I Think I Stunk On WWE Smackdown Commentary Debut

"I think I stunk, but I have a chance to get better. I enjoyed it."

Pat McAfee has critiqued his debut commentary performance on WWE Friday Night Smackdown. 

McAfee was announced last week as the new analyst on the blue brand alongside play-by-play announcer Michael Cole, with the former NFL All-Pro punter making his first outing as a permanent member of the commentary team on Friday. 

Speaking on his own podcast, The Pat McAfee Show, he assessed his own effort.

McAfee said: "I do not think I was anywhere near where I can get to as a commentator for professional wrestling. I used a lot of the words a couple times over and over. I was scared to have too much bass in my voice 'cause I didn’t want people to think I was trying to dominate the call or anything like that, but sometimes I sounded a little bit too soft.

"The standing - natural instinct was for me to stand when something happened. I guess a lot of people didn't enjoy that. I appreciate that because that was potentially something that could get me into some sh*t. A lot of people say like 'oh, you need to stay so we can.' The clip of us coming back to the two shot of me standing [and] him sitting and me kind of being caught in a situation where I’m like, ‘Well I don’t know if I should stand or sit right now.' That was one of those kind of ad-libbed moments that pop up that is incredible.

"I had a blast. I think I stunk, but I have a chance to get better. I enjoyed it. I'm very thankful to all the people at the WWE and to anybody that happened to tune in."

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