Rob Van Dam: Don't Hold Your Breath On A Full-Time Return To WWE

"It's all about what's worth it. My values, there is a place in there for RVD wrestling in WWE."

Rob Van Dam has indicated he would be open to wrestling in WWE again for the right reasons, but is not anticipating another full-time run in the company. 

RVD, who was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in the Class Of 2021, last wrestled for the promotion in 2014. Although the former WWE and ECW Champion had a run with IMPACT Wrestling recently, the 50-year-old is not looking to go back on the road full-time. 

However, Van Dam did admit that he missed the buzz of a live crowd and could return for a match for the right reasons.

Speaking to Ryan Satin on the Out Of Character Show, he said: "If there's a reason, there's a reason. I probably don't feel the reasons that the fans would as far as like, 'Gotta get RVD out of the house.' I love being in the house. The challenging road life pre-pandemic, that's not preferred.

"There are definitely some pros and cons. I enjoy showing off in the ring and enjoy, very much, getting that love and energy from the crowd, looking around, and seeing the RVD signs. That's a high for sure, and RVD is all about highs. At the same time, there's no part of me that sits at home and watches wrestling and says, 'I wish I could be in that ring tonight, getting my head pounded in and looking at those lights instead of sitting on my couch and enjoying life.'

"I still [wrestle] and when I do, there's a reason and it's worth it. It's all about what's worth it. My values, there is a place in there for RVD wrestling in WWE. Continuing a full-time run or something like that; don't hold your breath."

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