Pat McAfee Reacts To WWE Commentary Return

Pat McAfee has spoken of his WWE commentary return

Pat McAfee returned to the WWE commentary booth at the 2024 Royal Rumble, with it later announced that McAfee was returning to commentary full-time, with McAfee and Michael Cole set to anchor Raw going forward.

Taking to the Pat McAfee Show, McAfee said the following about his return:

"I hopped back in the booth last night for Monday Night Raw and on Saturday for Royal Rumble. Haven’t done it in like a year or so. I’m gonna have to relearn the beats and the flow and what’s happening," McAfee said.

McAfee continued, noting how he needs to get back into the swing of things:

"I saw some wrestling marks who… I too, mark by the way, that is not a shot. Wrestling fans, I will say, because that term has been slanderized and everything like that, I saw them say a couple times, ‘Is this guy gonna talk through everybody’s promos?’ It’s hard for me not to go, ‘Ooh,’ when somebody says something.

"There were some good words spoken last night. There was tears in the ring last night. It was awesome being back. I gotta figure it out though, again. It’s such a different flow and beat than anything else. [I had] a blast. I had so much fun out there. There was a couple times I looked at Michael Cole, and I’m like, ‘What is happening?’ It’s coming back, like, ‘Oh yeah, oh yeah.’ They have picture-in-picture now, so getting into picture-in-picture, out of picture-in-picture. Obviously, new people in the headphones, it was fun, man. I’m loving it. It was an honour to be back there. Thank you to everybody for the hospitality, and let’s go. Let’s have a good time with this entire run. I’m pumped about it," McAfee said.

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