Pitch For 'Super Heel' WWE Tag Team Of Logan Paul & Dominik Mysterio Revealed

Pitch made for Logan Paul & Dominik Mysterio to form ‘super heel’ tag team in WWE

Despite Roman Reigns ruling WWE with an iron fist, ‘The Tribal Chief’ is arguably not as despised as either Logan Paul or Dominik Mysterio.

Both Paul and Mysterio have shown their heel chops in spades, and during a recent episode of the Impaulsive podcast, Logan pitched teaming with Dom as ‘super heels’:

“I had a crazy idea recently,” started Paul. “Dom is super heel right now, Dominik Mysterio can not get a word out, I’m telling you. He lifts the microphone to his mouth and the whole arena [boos]. He can’t say — He can’t cut a promo and he plays on it and it’s really working right now, they hate him. Logan Paul, Dominik Mysterio [in a] tag team. The most hated duo of all time, the most hated tag team partners in the WWE just crushing it, running through cause we have a story arc too, we both did our first WrestleMania together. That was our first WrestleMania. It would be crazy.”

Dominik is currently riding high as NXT North American Champion, with his double act with Rhea Ripley a highlight of WWE TV. But Paul believes their potential team could go to even greater heights:

“I’m sure I could fit my way in there. Who cares, and honestly — I don’t know, me and Dom, maybe we could go further than him and Rhea,” said Paul.

The boos would be deafening.

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