Triple H's Reaction To The Rock Calling CM Punk Following WWE Raw Revealed

The Rock memorably called CM Punk following WWE Raw, Triple H’s reaction has been revealed

After his controversial firing by WWE in 2014, CM Punk was persona non grata for WWE, with fans keeping the controversial star's name alive by chanting it whenever they weren’t pleased with the product.

Punk’s name was also chanted when some of his most high-profile opponents were in WWE for any reason, even promotional or outside work-related, as The Rock found out in 2017. 

Rock was at WWE Raw to film segments for the then-upcoming Fighting With My Family biopic about Paige (AKA Saraya), and when greeted with ‘CM PUNK’ chants, Rocky got his phone and attempted to call Punk over the house mic.

According to former WWE writer and Senior Vice President at The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions Brian Gewirtz, Triple H made his opinion known about the stunt as it was happening, with Gewirtz revealing the following on The Masked Man Show:

“The only time it ever kind of maybe qualified (possibly having to cut someone’s microphone) is when we were shooting Fighting with my Family at Staples Center and The Rock was in the ring and they’re chanting CM Punk and Rock, he doesn’t know what’s going on with the whole Punk-WWE backstage stuff and he pulls out his phone and is like, ‘Hey! What if I called CM Punk right now!?’ And then Triple H turns to me back in Gorilla and was like, ‘Someone wanna remind him we’re in a f****** lawsuit with this guy!’ And Punk didn’t answer. He was doing something else at the time and so, it didn’t really matter and I think it was more said — I think Triple H said it, kind of tongue-in-cheek. He was not legitimately angry,” revealed Gewirtz.

Punk returned to wrestling in 2021, joining All Elite Wrestling in what has certainly been a controversial run.

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