Politicians Want To Help Bring WWE WrestleMania To The UK Following John Cena Campaign At Money In The Bank

Will it go down to a vote in the House of Commons?

John Cena made a surprise appearance at Money in the Bank, getting into a physical confrontation with Grayson Waller (which ended when he delivered an Attitude Adjustment to the Australian star). Prior to Waller's arrival, Cena revved the London crowd up by pitching WrestleMania taking place in the United Kingdom. 

British politicians are now getting in on the act and have backed Cena's call for a UK-based WrestleMania. 

Alex Davies-Jones, the co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on wrestling told BBC Newsbeat that Cena's appearance, "Was utterly incredible and got the whole place buzzing with excitement about the possibilities of what that could mean for wrestling fans, but also for the UK economy and also for future fans as well"

She added that "I would love for it to happen" and that "The APPG have already been talking about how we can help to make that happen in whatever way we can in terms of facilitating some conversations".

Continuing, Davies-Jones said: "Whatever we can do to make the UK attractive to host wrestling on the world stage we are more than happy to help facilitate. We would use our contact and negotiating skills to try and reach out to WWE, making conversations happen to try and promote the UK as a premier destination for world-class wrestling"

Though Paul 'Triple H' Levesque said "Never say never" with regards to WrestleMania in the UK, he did concede that making it a reality would be "A lot more difficult than it appears".

WrestleMania 40 will take place in Philadelphia, while Minneapolis is a rumoured destination for WrestleMania 41. 

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