Possible Reason Why WWE Abandoned Chelsea Green Trademark

WWE and Green were at odds over Green’s name

Much has been said of WWE’s wish to own IPs under its umbrella, with the majority of WWE performers given a gimmick name that WWE can retain the rights to. However, during NXT’s heyday, many performers used their real names, such as Chelsea Green.

After Green was released by WWE in early 2021, WWE retained a trademark to her name, with Green ready to enter a legal battle over her birth name, before WWE seemingly dropped the trademark around August.

According to ‘gimmick attorney’ Mike Dockins on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, there could be a simple reason as to why WWE dropped the trademark so easily:

“Chelsea is a client, and she’s a sweet girl. At first, I thought it was a spite move, I really, truly in my heart believed this was purely out of spite that they did this, but as things progressed, and they abandoned it, and moved out of the way and she’ll get to own her own name, it occurred to me, I think that the attorneys that they were using aren’t wrestling fans and just didn’t realise that she had been released.

“They just didn’t have a clue. That’s what I think it was. I really don’t think it was spite. I think that the top people, of course, do. The attorneys that I’ve talked to, in their general counsel, are wrestling fans, but they’ve got a huge network of attorneys and people they use both internally and externally, and I don’t think they’re wrestling fans. I just don’t think they realised this is somebody that we let go.”

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