PROGRESS Wrestling Confirms Paul Robinson Worked As An Agent At Recent Tapings

The promotion returned with Chapter 104 over the weekend

PROGRESS Wrestling held tapings for the first time in months recently and the British promotion returned over the weekend with Chapter 104 on WWE Network. 

PROGRESS was quickly placed under scrutiny, though, following a rumour that Paul Robinson had worked as an agent at the recent tapings. 

Allegations were made against Robinson during the Speaking Out movement back in June 2020. The Twitter account from which the allegations originated has since been deleted, but screenshots can be found here

The allegations are as follows: "On 6th December 2014, a group of us from IPWUK were flown over to Oberhausen, Germany, all paid for by Daniel Edler (or.... at least he paid for all of it for me). At this time I was 16. We spent the day being shown around the area by Jimmy Havoc. Whilst wandering the streets, Paul Robinson and myself started talking more and more and it was really fun, we felt comfortable around eachother. During the WXW show later that night (a show at which Daniel Edler purchased me lots of drinks, I think that should go without saying at this point.), we both went outside for a cigarette together, and one thing led to another and we ended up kissing. We were inseparable that whole weekend. In the following weeks, we would share phonecalls together just to chat and hear each other's voices. Somehow his children's mother ended up finding out we were talking and sent me nasty messages. I was 16 why would I want to be in a situation like that? We drifted apart and he eventually blocked me on social media, and that was that really."

Following pressure from the British Wrestling community, PROGRESS confirmed earlier today that Robinson worked as a backstage agent at the recent tapings. The promotion failed to address if Robinson was at the tapings during an initial statement over the weekend. 

PROGRESS wrote on Monday

"It was always our intent to name talent competing on each card, so that those who wish to watch can make a judgement for themselves. When a talent is working in a non-performing capacity, we require their permission to name them publically. 

Paul Robinson has agreed that we can state that he was working as an agent on Chapter 104-108. Paul Robinson would have been an in ring competitor on this card, which changed only with conflicts of availability, and would have meant him being announced in the originally planned card.

To reiterate our statement from 20th February, all talent were aware who would be working backstage on the show, and no issues were raised. We are happy that everyone working on that show has passed all of our vetting procedures.

We ask if anyone has information about any of our talent or crew please get in contact via [email protected] and we will act on the information accordingly.

Thank you for all those who watched Chapter 104, we are looking forward to Chapter 105 this weekend. 

All The Best 


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