QT Marshall: WWE Letting Nick Comoroto Go Was ‘Stupid’

The Factory leader has high hopes for the Freak Beast

As seen recently on AEW: Dynamite, QT Marshall has branched off from the Rhodes family in order to establish his hungry group of students as dominant forces in AEW. Known as The Factory, Marshall is joined by Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo, Aron Solow, and Nick Comoroto, with all three of his proteges groomed for success in AEW.

Whilst talking with The Wrestling Perspectives podcast, Marshall talked about his charges, mentioning that Comoroto was in the WWE system, and how WWE was stupid for letting him go:

“But at the end of the day too, I think [I’ve] already [won], right?" said Marshall "I’ve already won because I think the point has come across now that QT is someone you don’t wanna mess with and he’s got The Factory and it’s highlighting three younger talents that all have tremendous, tremendous potential. I mean Anthony Ogogo, an Olympic boxer who I’ve trained since day one and I wasn’t there when Kurt Angle trained but I was there when Matt Riddle trained and he kind of gives me those vibes. He’s just a natural, he loves wrestling and he’s an athlete. You put those two together and you’re gonna make magic.

“[Nick] Comoroto, another one. He was in NXT, they let him go because they’re stupid and they didn’t know what they had which they never do anyway so their loss is our gain and then you have Aaron Solow, another guy who has been traveling all over the world for the past ten years and I kind of talked to them and we spoke and they realised, ‘Hey, okay, we’re willing to do this. Let’s make it happen so…’”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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