Quiz: Name The Wrestlers At AEW All Out 2020

53 names in 7 minutes - best of luck!

This weekend, All Elite Wrestling present All Out 2021, featuring one of the biggest returns in wrestling history. 

For the first time in over seven years, CM Punk will (officially) step back into a wrestling ring and take on Darby Allin in what is perhaps the most hotly anticipated comeback ever.

As we prepare for this year's All Out, which features mega matches across the card, we briefly turn our attention back to All Out 2020 and the 11 bouts that AEW presented for us at Daily's Place. 

How many of the wrestlers on the AEW All Out 2020 show can you remember? That's the nature of today's quiz. There are 53 names to get in a seven-minute time-limit.

Good luck and, as always, don't forget to share with us just how well you did on social media!

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