Quiz: The Five Labours Of Triple H On WWE SmackDown

A truly bonkers episode of SmackDown...

On this day in 1999, Triple H made WWE history as he went through his own 'five labours' during a taping of SmackDown.

Okay, WWE didn't call Triple H's efforts 'the five labours', but we needed a shorter and catchier name for the headline! 

What is certain, however, is that Triple H wrestled in a company recorded five matches on episode of SmackDown recorded on September 21 1999.

For those unfamiliar with this period of WWE storyline history, Triple H was in Vince McMahon's bad books at this time. Vince, the benevolent babyface, did what all good management figures do and booked the heel Triple H to wrestle five times throughout SmackDown.

What was the incentive for big bad Hunter? His spot in the upcoming Six-Pack challenge for the WWE Championship at Unforgiven 1999 was at stake. To keep it, he had to win three of the five matches. 

It was a truly bonkers episode of SmackDown, one that epitomises the complete chaos of the Attitude Era, but can you remember just who Triple H faced in his five matches on that SmackDown taping 22 years ago?

Today's quiz is a short, sharp test of your memory. We're looking for the six men involved in the five matches, as well as the special guest referee for the final one. Good luck!

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