Reason For More Squash Matches On WWE Raw Revealed

Wins, wins, and more wins!

Since the WWE Draft in September, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of squash matches on Monday Night Raw, with there being at least one on every episode.

It has been particularly common for certain Superstars to compete in this type of match. Since the October 28th episode of Raw, The Viking Raiders have competed against three enhancement talent teams, defeating them all in a combined 275 seconds.

Erick Rowan has also faced an abundance of jobbers. Since the November 8th episode of Raw, he has faced seven jobbers, with No Way Jose the only one who was a permanent member of the main roster.

On yesterday's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed the number of squash matches has increased because Paul Heyman is trying to improve Superstars' win-loss records while getting their finishing moves over at the same time.

Meltzer said: "One of the things that Paul Heyman is trying to do is get people wins. So, they are doing a lot of these one and two-minute matches to get over finishing moves and get people wins."

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