WWE Eradicates Any Mention Of Jon Moxley From His Own WWE Debut

The company continues to rewrite history...

Jon Moxley wrestled as Dean Ambrose in WWE for eight years. In that time he was a seven-time champion, including one reign as WWE Champion in 2016.

Ambrose left WWE after his contract expired on April 30th, 2019. He then reverted back to his Jon Moxley gimmick and shocked the wrestling world when he debuted in All Elite Wrestling at Double Or Nothing.

As Moxley has signed for one of WWE's rivals, the company seems to have taken measures to eradicate a mention of the former Superstar from their history. WWE's YouTube channel recently released their Top 10 Debuts Of The Decade list, which includes the debut of The Shield at Survivor Series 2012. However, WWE has amended Michael Cole's original commentary so that Dean Ambrose is not mentioned.

In the original commentary from the pay-per-view, Michael Cole said: "That's Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns from NXT, what's he doing here? And that's Dean Ambrose...Seth Rollins, all from NXT. What the hell are they doing out here?!"

However, WWE has doctored Cole's audio for the Top 10 list, changing the order in which he delivers his lines and removed any mention of Moxley. In the list video, Cole says: "Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns from NXT, what the hell are they doing out here?!"

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