Reason Roman Reigns Had Different Attire To The Bloodline At WWE Survivor Series WarGames Revealed

WWE costume designer Sarath Ton explains why Roman Reigns stood out at Survivor Series.

Speaking on NotSam Wrestling with Sam Roberts, WWE costume designer Sarath Ton took us behind the scenes at Survivor Series, explaining why Roman Reigns wore black attire for his WarGames match while the rest of The Bloodline wore red. 

Ton, (AKA Mikaze) explained:

"You will notice that there was one member of the Bloodline who wasn’t in red, and that’s not because it wasn’t made, it was because the fabric texture wasn’t what he thought it was going to be.

“He put it on to see how it felt. At the end of the day, he’s the Tribal Chief, he gets to do what he wants. It would have been cool if they were all dressed in red, but at the same time, he does his thing and you’re following him.”

Ton also spoke about his team originally planning to add the word 'Honorary' to Sami Zayn sometime before it actually happened, only to be delayed. He notes that it actually worked out for the best, because the delay allowed for the angle where Reigns officially gave Sami 'Honorary' status.

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