Released WWE Talent Buddy Murphy Unveils New Wrestling Name

'You're free now'

Buddy Murphy is no more. 

The former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion, who was released from his contract with Vince McMahon's promotion in June, has revealed on social media that his name is now Buddy Matthews. 

The 32-year-old has teased fans on Twitter and Instagram in recent weeks that his moniker would be changing but the initials would be staying the same, and now Buddy has confirmed he will be going under the name 'Buddy Matthews' going forward. 

In two videos posted to his social media, Matthews was shown to be taken out of a high-security prison, put in a van, and driven to an undisclosed location by a group of masked men. 

Once arrived, Matthews put pen-to-paper on what appeared to be release forms, was given his gear, and then left to fend for himself. At the close of the vignette, Matthews turned to reveal his face as a voice said 'You're free now'.

Matthews' 90-day non-compete with WWE will expire at the end of August.

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