Rene Dupree Claims Bully Ray Purposely Hurt Guys In WWE

The French Phenom claims the WWE Hall of Famer took liberties with talent

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree has spoken out about his treatment at the hands of Bubba Ray Dudley when he started with the company in 2003. 

Dupree - who has been outspoken against Bubba in the past - claimed during a recent interview with UnSKripted that the Hall of Famer purposefully hurt him and others. 

Asked about working with Bubba and if he was stiff, Rene said: 

"I know for a fact; he purposely hurt some guys. Our first dark match. It was me and Lance Cade, and I guess the Dudley Boyz. It was beneath Bubba to work a dark match. Like, no, you big goof. They want to see how we look together and possibly bring us up and start a feud, moron. But anyway, I bend over for a backdrop, and he swift kicks me as hard as he can in the head and gives me a concussion".

Dupree didn't mention his experiences working with D-Von Dudley, but made it known how much he disliked working with Bubba, saying: 

"Umm, just Blubber. I don't call him Bubba. I call him Blubber. Because he is fat [laughs]. He was just a f*cking pain in the ass. Sorry for my language, I apologise. He was just a pain in the rear end. God!"

The French Phenom further divulged that Bubba asked him about his payoff for a tag match La Resistance had with the Dudleys at SummerSlam 2003. 

"After SummerSlam, because we had a SummerSlam pay-per-view together, right? He drags me in and wants to know how much I get paid. That's like, dude, that's none of your business, how much I got paid. But I told him, and he was like, 'Oh, okay, I just wanted to make sure that they took care of you'. No, you don't. You just wanted to make sure you made more money than that. So, I knew, at 19 it was good, but I go, 'Sometimes they pay me more and they pay Sly [Sylvain Grenier]'. He's like, 'What?!' and stomps off like a little child". 

Other former WWE stars, such as Paul London, have also talked about Bubba intentionally hurting them in the ring before. 

London claimed during an interview many years back that Bubba told him prior to a match that it would be 'the worst day of his [London's] life' before proceeding to viciously whip him with a belt when they were in the ring. 

Bubba was under fire last week for suggesting that AEW's Jon Moxley, who had taken time off to enter an in-patient rehabilitation programme for alcohol addiction, should have apologised to fans (who may have paid to see him) for his absence. 

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