Renee Paquette Confirms WWE Talks Before AEW Debut

Renee Paquette had the option to go back to WWE

Renee Paquette has confirmed she held talks with WWE prior to signing with All Elite Wrestling. Paquette made her AEW debut in Toronto, Canada on the October 12 edition of Dynamite. 

The backstage interviewer told Vickie Guerrero on Excuse Me:

"I had been talking to WWE, that had gotten leaked out before I debuted with AEW, I had been having conversations with WWE about all the things they have going on over there. The more I was thinking about it and figuring out what that looks like and what the future looks like, I was like, 'No, I want to be in AEW.' I want to be part of this company that is growing and developing. I want to help. I want to help lend whatever knowledge I have in this space to make things good, I want to do a good job, I want to be on the road with my husband, that makes life easier.

"It was more so that and it was more conversations Jon and I were having. That was one of those first big moments, 'We have to make a decision as a family.' Not that I can't do what I want, if that's what I decided to do, it would have been fine, but you have family conversations about what makes the most sense for everyone."

Paquette continued:

"There was that sparkle in my eye. I love the way...even my time now having spent in AEW and being able to work there, I love being able to collaborate with people, I love doing the backstage segments and talking to Sonjay, talking to different talent, talking to Don Callis. It's fun. It's fun trying to figure out what those things are rather than just being handed a piece of paper and go and do that. That's fine too, I enjoyed that for many years, but it's fun being able to do it this way."

Since joining AEW, Paquette has done interviews backstage, in the ring, and in a sit-down setting. 

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