Renee Paquette Says WWE Non-Compete Clause Has Expired

Paquette is now free to work with other wrestling organisations if she so wishes

Former WWE announcer Renee Paquette has revealed that her non-compete clause from her WWE exit in 2020 has officially expired.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc., Paquette has revealed that she is now free to appear at wrestling events in a performing capacity, should she wish, saying:

“I think I’m free and clear. I can be at Bloodsport. I’m gonna be at Bloodsport. Everyone better buckle up and hold on to their asses. I’ll fight anyone, except for Miesha. I won’t fight Miesha … Oh my god, maybe I could be Miesha’s manager. I could valet her. Oh my god. My whole world just busted wide open. This is very exciting. There’s money to be made is all I’m saying!”

Despite her exit from WWE in August 2020, Paquette admits she misses working with wrestling promotions:

“I’m definitely open to the idea. I miss pro wrestling, I miss being involved in the pro wrestling world, in that capacity, but I don’t know what that job would be or what my role could be within AEW. We could probably rattle off a couple different ideas of things to do, and as AEW is growing, as their broadcasts are growing, as they’re adding on new shows, I think there’s definitely a role. I don’t know that I necessarily want to jump back onto commentary by any means, but I think doing some interviews, doing some features., I love doing features. I just love pro wrestling. I love all the athletes behind it so getting to pick their brains in sort of an Oral Sessions way and Throwing Down way, to have them be part of a broadcast with AEW or something like that could be really cool. Or, maybe I just valet Miesha.”

Paquette recently announced a new show for Sirius XM alongside Miesha Tate called ‘Throwing Down with Renee and Miesha.’

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