Renee Young Told "You Don't Have To Talk As Much As You Think" While On WWE Commentary Duty

WWE Raw commentator opens up...

When Renee Young initially replaced Jonathan Coachman on WWE Raw commentary duty she was a breath of fresh air. However, since getting the gig on a full-time basis, there has been a notable change in her output as she is seemingly restricted to saying no more than three words at a time.

There's a reason behind the noticeable change, as Renee herself revealed on her Regular Girls podcast. Young told of how she reviews every WWE show she's on with 205 Live's Vic Joseph and SmackDown Live's Tom Phillips, and how it does wonders for her. Renee also revealed that she has received direction to talk less than she thinks she needs to and to listen more while she's on the air.

Renee referred to herself as "the Queen of Interruptions" during the episode and said the following: "It's extremely beneficial to me. That was kinda the note, 'You don't have to talk as much as you think you need to talk. Maybe sit back and listen a little bit.'

"I was like, 'Okay.' That's really no easy task for me. I'm used to being 'The Talker' and keeping the ball afloat. When I don't have the ball to keep it afloat, I think that's an uncomfortable spot for me."

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