Report: A Lot Of AEW Talent Quietly Celebrated Cody & Brandi Rhodes Departures

No tears to be shed

Three years after they founded the company with Tony Khan, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, Cody and Brandi Rhodes left All Elite Wrestling on Tuesday, February 15. 

Many AEW talents have praised both Cody and Brandi since their departures but not everyone is sad to see them go. 

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that a lot of AEW talent "quietly were celebrating" about them leaving the promotion and a key individual in AEW noted that while they were surprised about Cody and Brandi's departures, the reaction was positive from much of the locker room. 

Others were also happy the couple were gone, noting they thought the "hero treatment' given to Cody was "a great public story but not the real story."

Talent having an issue with Cody appears to stem from his hands-on approach backstage at TV tapings, with Meltzer noting some liked Rhodes' aggressive approach while others did not. 

With Brandi, some pointed out to issues with the women's division which was initially earmarked for the Chief Brand Officer until Kenny Omega became much more involved. AEW Chief Marketing & Merchandising Officer Dana Massie was also believed to have not received the credit she deserved for deals involving Rhodes. 

Following his AEW departure, Cody is reportedly set to join WWE. The reasons for him leaving AEW can be found here.

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