Report: AEW Abandon Major Storyline

Fans will no longer suffer a collective nightmare...

Since All Elite Wrestling held its first show back in May 2019, the young promotion has been widely praised within the wrestling world. Fans and critics alike have largely been satisfied by the in-ring action and storytelling on episodes of Dynamite, and only hosting four pay-per-views per year has created a big fight feel when they do roll around.

However, AEW has been consistently criticised for its Nightmare Collective storyline. Fans have not bought Brandi Rhodes as a heel and have found the group's obsession with cutting off hair somewhat puzzling and uninteresting as a gimmick. The surprise reveal of Japanese Deathmatch specialist Dr. Luther only further heaped criticism on the storyline as the vast majority of AEW's viewership had no idea who he was.

Now, AEW has dropped the storyline altogether. The group's separation had been foreshadowed in recent weeks by vignettes of Brandi in therapy. The group then split on this week's episode of Dark as Mel and Luther attacked Awesome Kong. The former WWE star will be taking a break from the young promotion to film the final season of GLOW.

The faction's separation was completed on last night's episode of Dynamite. At the end of the show, Brandi made her way to the ring without her Nightmare Collective attire to support her husband, Cody, while he received 10 lashes from MJF.

Now, Dave Meltzer has confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that the storyline is indeed over and Brandi will be a babyface from now on.

Meltzer said: "So Brandi’s deal's over I guess. She can’t be that gimmick and Kong is gone. Kong went back to filming GLOW. So, Kong went back to GLOW for a while so she won’t be back for a little while, and the Brandi group is done, they’re not going to be cutting anyone’s hair. And yeah, that is a loose end but probably for the better because a lot of people didn’t like that gimmick anyway."

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