Report: AEW Changed Dynamite Plans To Accomodate The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Deathmatch

More on the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Deathmatch on Dynamite and AEW changing plans

All Elite Wrestling held one of the more unique matches in promotion history on the August 16 edition of AEW Dynamite as Jeff Jarrett took on Jeff Hardy in a Texas Chain Saw Massacre Deathmatch. The match featured the AEW debut of Leatherface alongside plenty of violence and interference from the likes of Satnam Singh and Ethan Page. Jarrett eventually won the match, capturing the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Title in the process. 

The match was put together to promote the Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game that comes out today and AEW were reportedly paid $100,000 for booking the match. The funds have since been donated to the Maui Food Bank in Hawaii. 

PWInsider has reported the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Deathmatch was pitched by Warner Bros. Discovery to All Elite Wrestling. Original ideas for the match called for it to be a cinematic affair before it was decided to make it a live Deathmatch with Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy. The match being added to Dynamite also caused AEW's original plans for the show to change, but it is unknown what exactly was removed from Dynamite to accommodate the WBD pitch. 

Warner Bros. Discovery have done crossovers with AEW in the past, including for Shark Week and the House of Dragon TV series. The media conglomerate are said to really like the crossover viewership AEW brings in for the promotional shows and WBD "absolutely want to do more" in the future. 

Perhaps we'll see Batman in an AEW ring after all, then. 

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