Report: AEW Dark To Be Taped In Studio Setting

A play out of the NWA playbook?

Since All Elite Wrestling went back on the road in July 2021, the promotion has taped episodes of Dark either before or after Dynamite or Rampage. Two weeks worth of Dark shows were taped on August 20 at Chicago's United Center. 

AEW changed up the schedule this week, though, and Dark: Elevation was taped before last night's edition of Dynamite in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Friday's episode of Rampage was then taped after Dynamite went off the air and the company did not tape another Dark show. 

According to F4W Online, Dark won't be taped on the road any longer and the show will be filmed in a "studio setting." 

Where exactly the studio will be is currently unknown. AEW President Tony Khan mentioned back in June that he was going to procure a venue to tape Dark and other content. 

AEW has been airing episodes of Dark since October 2019 and the show morphed into a showcase for underutilised and developmental talent during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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