Gangrel Reveals He Called Edge After WWE SummerSlam Brood Entrance

The former faction members reflected on The Brood's brief return

Gangrel has revealed he called Edge after The Rated R-Superstar's Brood entrance at SummerSlam.

Edge and Gangrel were previously The Brood with Christian from 1998 to 1999 and after he gave Seth Rollins a Broodbath on SmackDown on August 20, Edge recreated the faction's entrance for SummerSlam.

The moment was widely praised by fans and resulted in Gangrel briefly trending on social media over the weekend. It had unintended consequences for the former WWE wrestler, though, as The Vampire Warrior's appearance on AEW Dynamite was scrapped following SummerSlam. 

Nevertheless, Gangrel revealed on his Fangin N Bangin Podcast that he called Edge following the August 21 pay-per-view. 

"Yesterday, I call Adam [Edge]. He was like, 'Did you see it? I was so happy and honored to pay tribute. You work so hard and the Brood was a cool time in my life. I hope this helps you get more money out of bookings and move some merch.' He was so happy, I didn't know what to say. I go, 'Yeah, it kinda cost me.' 'What do you mean buddy?' 'That other company over there, AEW, they were getting ready to do a thing.' I was getting ready to do my entrance again, not Edge, me. I didn't tell him that," Gangrel revealed.

"He got so quiet for what felt like an enternity. He goes, 'Man, I'm so sorry. If you had told me.' I didn't know, I just got booked. It felt like he was gonna cry. I did tell him how pumped I was he was doing the entrance. He felt so bad. He sent me pictures of his daughter with the jacket. I was like, 'It's cool man. It was fucking awesome. I loved seeing you do that.' It was a weird timing thing," he continued.

"He told me he was working on it for two and a a half months. He said, 'You don't know how hard it was to get the blood bath thing because of the PG situation.' He wanted the red and the blood. It really came down to, if it wasn't black, it wasn't happening. It wasn't an idea overnight for him. He planned it. It was a big deal for him."

If AEW plan to use Gangrel again in the future ultimately remains to be seen. He previously appeared for the company at Full Gear during the Elite Deletion.

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